Why Buy A Bronze Turkey

Bronze turkeys are an ancient breed. They originate from the Americas and were introduced to the UK around 500 years ago.  Bronze turkeys were the culinary norm up until around the 1950's when the white turkey became more popular, as people did not like the dark feather in the skin of the bronze turkey.

Bronze turkeys almost disappeared from the UK in the 50's, as the bland, white turkey beame more popular and farming became more intensive.  However, thanks to a family of poultry farmers near Danbury, Essex, (where our turkeys originate from) the bronze turkey has seen a revival and again become popular with the household once again.  

Consumers have now realised that the good old Bronze Turkey is far more tasty, grown in a more ethical and humane manner and far better all round than the white turkey!

Bronze turkeys are now celebrated by professional and celebrity chefs throughout the country and can be found on all top quality restaurant menus.

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